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Ultrasonic Black Gold Massage Instrument Household

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    Black Gold Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument Massage

    • Advanced Beauty Device :The Black Gold Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument Massage is a high-tech gadget, designed to enhance your skincare routine with its vibration and ultrasonic massage features.
    • Versatile Functionality :This multi-functional device not only lifts and firms your facial skin but also works wonders on your eyes, providing a comprehensive beauty solution under one roof.
    • Easy to Use :With its user-friendly design, this beauty device is easy to operate. It's powered by a dry battery, ensuring convenient and long-lasting performance.
    • Durable Material :Constructed from high-quality plastic, this facial beauty instrument is durable and long-lasting, promising to deliver results for a long time.
    • Brand Reliability :Manufactured by BeeChip, a trusted brand name in mainland China, this product guarantees quality and reliability.
    • Ideal for Home Use :Compact and portable, this facial eye massager is perfect for home use, allowing you to enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.


    • Rejuvenate and moisturize your skin, lift and firm, and open a new beauty experience.
    • Directly hit the three major problems of young skin: fine lines and wrinkles, roughness, dullness and lack of luster, puffiness and dryness after a long night.
    • High-frequency vibration, absorption is more in place, circulation until the base of the muscle, from the inside to the outside of the elastic moisturizing.
    • Remodeling firmness, tenderness and smoothness of the first face, designed for lazy people, easier to use.
    • Technical innovation, revitalization of elasticity, comprehensive care of the skin, to reproduce the beauty of the skin!


    Weight: 65g

    Size: 9.3cm * 5.7cm * 13cm

    Package included:1 * dual beauty instrument


    1. Due to the difference in display, shooting light and environment there will be some color difference between the actual color and the picture color, which is normal.

    2. Due to manual measurement, the size of the product may have 0.5-1 cm difference.

    3.lf you have any questions, please contact us first and we will solve it for you.

    Product information:
    Power supply mode: Battery
    Gear: 1 gear
    Function: Ultrasonic
    Material: ABS
    Color classification: G250 one-instrument three-body massage induction therapeutic instrument, G266 single-head massage induction therapeutic instrument
    Efficacy: massage instrument gentle high-frequency vibration waves reach the pores and deeply introduce the nutrients of skin care products. The product works better with essential oil or cosmetics, making the skin fresh and youthful. Over 10,000 times/minute sonic vibration makes the skin more relaxed.


    Packing list:


    Massage instrument * 1


    Product Image:


    Ultrasonic Black Gold Massage Instrument Household
    Ultrasonic Black Gold Massage Instrument Household
    Ultrasonic Black Gold Massage Instrument Household
    Ultrasonic Black Gold Massage Instrument Household
    Ultrasonic Black Gold Massage Instrument Household